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Short-Term Rentals (Vacation Rentals)

Are you looking to better manage your short-term rentals or vacation property? LandlordTracks® property management software is an industry leading software company specializing in short-term property management tools. Our industry leading interactive calendars, integrated accounting suite, and automated communication tools will enable you to operate more efficiently creating more growth opportunities, while easing your daily operations.

Accept Reservations Online

LandlordTracks® software features all-in-one solutions that will allow you to accept reservations through online websites. When combined with our tenant portal, your free website provides a secure place for tenants to view statements and make online payments.

Automated Features!

If you prefer an automated solution to handle your daily receivables, our built-in automated invoicing, late fees, and intuitive auto-pay features is designed just for you. Clients using these automated tools in their daily operations receive their rents via bank accounts or credit cards while their asleep! Being at the office or logging into the software is no longer required because LandlordTracks® software does it all for them. In the past collecting rent would take weeks, but with our automated software our clients can accomplish this task in as little as 1 day. Using LandlordTracks® as your property management solution creates more freedom and growth opportunities which all our clients enjoy.

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Corporate Housing

Corporate Subtenants

LandlordTracks® corporate subtenant features make it easy to rent to a person and bill to a company effortlessly. When you have multiple people renting who work for the same company, it can be tedious entering in the same payment information for each person. Instead, our corporate subtenant feature allows you to setup one company and multiple subtenants, which gives you the luxury of charging only one entity, while keeping track of all the units occupied by its subtenants name, identification, or account number. Of course, if you want to charge individual subtenants with their own credit card or bank account, Landlord Tracks software allows you to do so. You even have the option of billing the parent company its own portion, while billing and invoicing its subtenants their separate individual portion. The software handles these types of situations and many others easily and intuitively!

Availability Calendar

LandlordTracks® short-term property management edition includes an unique web-based availability calendar. This calendar provides, at a quick glance, an overview of properties and units available to rent with the interactive features to allow you to reserve, charge, and communicate directly to your tenants via the calendar. The calendar also allows you to schedule cleaning, maintenance, and other tasks related to a particular unit or property and will keep track of these activities so you don't accidentally double book a unit!

When a tenant tries to book a unit directly on your public website, the system will first consult the availability calendar to make sure that the arrival and departure dates don't overlap another event. If they do, the tenant will be forced to pick another day. Similarly, if a lease is created on the back end by an employee, they will be warned if the lease overlaps an existing event.

Long-Term Rentals (Residential & Commercial)

LandlordTracks® software does a fantastic job helping our clients manage their residential or commercial properties. Our automated tools enable our clients to manage on the go better than ever before! Our owners and staff members have managed and currently own residential, commercial, and vacation rentals, and we understand the needs of our customers from firsthand experience! But, this doesn't mean we "know everything", we listen to our customers and adapt our products to meet the needs of an ever growing and demanding industry!

Automated Accounting Tools

All LandlordTracks® software editions include an industry leading accounting solution built directly for property management. It gives you the best of both worlds! You will get a comprehensive accounting suite integrated with a state-of-the-art management and tenant management system! With automated integrations for invoicing, credit card and bank account rental payments, late fees, rent increases and much more, our clients have found themselves having more free time and growth opportunities along with fewer problems and issues.

It doesn't matter if you are coming to us from another software product, or from an old-school paper based system, our clients always say the same thing, "your software is easier and better than we could have imagined and much better than what we used before!"

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5 Star Rating

With over 1,000 properties to manage, we couldn't be happier! We have been using this for a year and a half now. Initially we looked at more than 12 software products all the big ones, and this is the one that worked best for all of our needs. We have multiple offices throughout the country and with this software all our offices can remotely manage all their properties independently. The accounting is supurb and can handle all the locations independently, we love this software, it makes our life so much easier! Support is fantastic! Have never looked back!

Mary B.

Alberta, Canada

We manage 180 single family homes and with this software we were able to reduce our office personnel down to 2 people managing the homes, and one maintenance guy...Owner disbursements are a breeze and my owners love getting their owner statement emailed to them. The management tools are comprehensive and give us all the features we need, and the ability to email work orders has been great...I leave the country frequently on vacations and I know things are taken care of because of this software.

Brian P.

Arkansas, USA

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