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“Professional, Effective, Resourceful, Low Maintenance Property Management”

Overall: My business went from startup to professional overnight. It's systems have decreased employee cost in time and compensation. My employees are empowered to do more now. We can do more with less people. The store front for my tenants and landlords has given them confidence in me and my abilities. For all that are involved we are having a great time using it and growing our business!

Pros: The ability to turn my business into a professional, effective, resourceful, and low maintenance company. The admin time is so short. The user interface is incredible. The end consumer loves what they are seeing and it helps to retain my clients. The user guide has made it so easy to understand what I need to do without having to call the help desk and ask questions. The Help desk has been wonderful when I have called a few times during set up, however the user guide has been amazing. I love how I can have multiple income streams managed with the software. Whether short term or long term rentals you can manage both effectively here. The integration of the marketing is awesome. I click publish and it goes to websites that are the most popular where tenants are and I get quick results on tenants. The integrated background check features. This makes it simple and easy to find out information to make an educated decision on potential tenants. The background office and document storage prepares me for my accountant and my attorney in case of mishap or for taxes. The whole system is incredible. I am so glad I chose this software system.

Cons: I haven't found any cons up to this point in using the software.

Jared Horsley

Idaho, USA

“The Best Property Management Software”

Overall: This is the only Property Management platform that can micro-manage government subsidized rent payments which includes the government portion rent payment and the tenant portion of rent payment. No other property management software has the capabilities that landlordtracks has.

Pros: After reviewing over ten property management software programs that were cloud-based this program was by far number one because of its ability to manage government subsidized housing. In out mNy years of experience there is no other property management software that has the capabilities as landlordtracks in managing any type of residential government subsidized housing and regular self paying residential tenants. We appreciate and thank its creators. They understand the true intricacies a property management.

Cons: We wish the platform would offer a few more different types of auto-daily notices to the more difficult Tenants that have a history of paying late. Other than that we wouldn't change a thing.

AJ Dinardo

Ohio, USA

“Awesome software! Easy to use and manage rental real estate”

Pros: Overall, Landlord Tracks is a very easy software for daily management. the easiness of entering and maintaining data.

Gagneet K.

“Satisfied customer ”

Overall: I am a satisfied customer
Pros: The support and flexibility. Helps coordinate my files especially invoices

Jane Scharf

Ontario, Canada

“Good software Great customer service”

Pros: I manage approximately 35 apartments and the software is helping me tremendously in tracking all aspects of the Real Estate rental business and running operations smoothly. I'm using the software for nearly two and a half years. During this time I learned to appreciate the customer service support and the level of professionalism that was demonstrate by the talented LandlordTracks team. The software is being improved constantly and they have an open ear for suggestion and feedback from customers.

Yaron Schwartz

Florida, USA

“Easy and Convenient”

Overall:It is easy to leave messages for maintenance. It is easy to see what payments are due.

Catherine W

“Great company with a valuable product”

Overall: I am a satisfied customer
Pros:Technical Support is very receptive to my needs. They listen to and implement my ideas for changes when appropriate.

Cons: Wish there was a report to show historical occupancy rates. It would also be helpful to receive an email when changes do occur.

Carol B.

Ontario, Canada

“5 Star”

Overall: [SENSITIVE CONTENT] has always been friendly and eager to help and calls me back with the same day. If I have an issue he is there and resolves it by the next day. I love the customer service and appreciate his helpfulness and always there to be assistance with any questions I have. So glad we are back...There were a few features that used to not work for us like having to go out of a screen to toggle back and forth. [SENSITIVE CONTENT] has resolved those issues and now it is even better than before because he has added more features that I use on a daily basis.
Switched From: Streamline
Reasons for Switching to LandlordTracks: The Cost and customer service. It was very difficult to get up with someone and you had to put a ticket in and email numerous times and you still would not get your answer resolved.

Joy S.

North Carolina, USA

“Great value for what I need done! ”

Pros:Easy to use and pretty straight forward. Customer service is amazing and you actually get a real live person responding!

Cons:Some reports and functions could be more readily available and ability to better customize your query.

Fallon Tran

California, USA

“Awesome Property Management Software”

Pros:I like this software because it tracks every penny owed by the Tenant and it sends them reminders of their accruing late fees for not paying their rent!

Justin b

California, USA

“Landlord tracks, you are so great!”

Pros:We love landlord tracks. They are over there and their customer service is the greatest! They make changes when problems or issues arise with our system. This software is affordable and helps us keep track of our tenants every day. We love the dashboard and use it for everything. It organizes us in so many ways

Cons: Locks up sometimes, wish we could chat with other people in the team while using the software. Dashboard reminders are a little weird especially if you want something to show up every single week on the same exact day.


California, USA

“No problems when I need support it is always there”

Pros:it is a very easy program to use and Owner statements are easy to read. Customer service is always willing to help

MaryAnn M.

With over 1,000 properties to manage, we couldn't be happier! We have been using this for a year and a half now. Initially we looked at more than 12 software products all the big ones, and this is the one that worked best for all of our needs. We have multiple offices throughout the country and with this software all our offices can remotely manage all their properties independently. The accounting is supurb and can handle all the locations independently, we love this software, it makes our life so much easier! Support is fantastic! Have never looked back!

Mary B.

Alberta, Canada

Happy to have a software such as landlord tracks. Easy to use mobile app and by device. Convenient enough for when you are on the go. Developing more and more each day.

Matt S

Georgia, USA

As a first time user of ANY property management software, I felt like this was a fairly easy entry. I appreciate the prompt customer service response, the availability calendar, the ability to accept credit cards through the system.

Carol Brinton

Arizona, USA

We manage 180 single family homes and with this software we were able to reduce our office personnel down to 2 people managing the homes, and one maintenance guy...Owner disbursements are a breeze and my owners love getting their owner statement emailed to them. The management tools are comprehensive and give us all the features we need, and the ability to email work orders has been great...I leave the country frequently on vacations and I know things are taken care of because of this software.

Brian P.

Arkansas, USA

LOVE THIS SOFTWARE! Makes my life so much easier. Running a 28 unit complex and this has saved my life. Love the tenant invoicing system. The way I can email straight to the tenant and also except credit cards. I have used yardi and other software and for me this is by far the most user friendly.

Victoria Vilardi

Arizona, USA

I've been using this software for 2 years now and I am very satisfied. I own an apartment complex with over 40 tenants and I did not want to pay a third party company anymore. With this software I can manage my property a lot easier. The automated accounting tools did it for me! I looked at all the others...very happy with this choice!

Dallin J.

Ontario, Canada

Very easy to use and convenient. This site is very convenient for me personally. My schedule can change from day to day, and my hours fluctuate based on the time of year.

Bill Ciccotti

Montana, USA

I won't have to make so many trips to the bank or handle payments from so many people. We can better track payments and balancer our accounts, and homeowners will know just where they stand at all times.

Mark Hilgefort

Colorado, USA

Everything is great, just a few changes...It helps me feel so organized. I really love being able to invoice and print receipts and keep a running balance for them...really love this product! saved our lives!

Victoria Strom

Arizona, USA

Easy to use, simple navigation.. clear emails sent to my inbox on instructions.. Recommend for other renters!

Stacie Johnson

Florida, USA

I have taken over recently as a property manager in Golden Bay. I only have a small port folio, which is good. Finding this software great

Lisa St Claire

Takaka, New Zealand

So far so good. I'm still getting used to using it, but I love they have a user guide to help you out. I also love that you can do tenant screening. I search and try several and this one had the long term features we will need.

Itonya Conner

California, USA

I am satisfied with how well the properties and tenants are organized. Its very efficient when looking for pictures or information on units.

Erin White

Georgia, USA

Product works great and it is easy to use

Robert Mendez

Georgia, USA

Great customer service! We have used Landlord Tracks for over a year and love the software and their great, responsive customer service!

Sonjia Naron

Utah, USA

Great Software for Easy Property Management. Makes property management easy, keeping everything in one place. Great personalized support. They called me and answered all my questions and gave me personalized training. That was invaluable.

LaToya Murry

Maryland, USA

The software is pretty intuitive and user friendly. For anything that isn't, customer support is the best I've ever experienced. They are available, patient and knowledgeable.

Erica Lefkowits

California, USA

I like this program for our rental properties information it is easy to use and understand and keep track of property information.

Mary Briggs

Minnesota, USA

Great piece of Software with great customer support. Thank you!

Jason Mifsud

Alberta, Canada

Very professional. Aaron is top quality. Very knowledgeable. Always friendly and supportive

Richard kuehmichel

Tennessee, USA

Have not had too much difficulty with this program.

Debra Duncan

Texas, USA

LandLord Tracks has changed my life. I have been using this software for the passed 4 months and i am happy with its functions.

Jean Delo

Texas, USA

New user I find it easy to use however still learning

Nashila Manji

Toronto Ontario, Canada

As were getting set up refining we have less and less work to do on our billable's tracking work etc. Pros: I find it very clear and easy to use. Cons:we haven't found any insurmountable problems

Jane T.

Ontario, Canada

The software is great and handles everything I need. It is user friendly and was very easy to learn. The software is very automated and does a great job at keeping track of all my expenses...Whenever I have a tenant who hasn't paid, I don't have to do anything, the software does it all for me and that has been a life saver for someone like me who is always running around...Your reoccurring transactions and automated invoicing make managing my properties easy and helps me stay ahead of the work load.

Brandon S.

Quebec, Canada

True Canadian EFT payments! Our tenants can pay their rent online using any canadian bank account! We love this service and that is a big reason we went with you, but your software also has lots of other features we liked. Makes managing our 70 properties easy!

Michael A.

Ontario, Canada

Dealing with section 8 tenants is not always fun as many of them don't always pay their rent. We love having this software because it tracks both the government portion as well as the tenant portion separately and when the tenant does not pay, the system still keeps track of it.

Whitney A.

Texas, USA

I have 25 tenants all paying their rent online or who use the automated rent withdrawal services. After using this for more than a year all I can say is Awesome! The money comes in and is directly deposited into my bank account and I don't have to deal with paper checks and running to the bank to make deposits anymore!!!

Georg S.

Kansas, USA

This software does what it says. I don't have many tenants, only a handful, but I wanted something that would be automated so I could do other things and not have to spend all my free time managing my properties. They all pay their rent online and if they are late, the system takes care of it for me!

Brad K.

California, USA

As my real estate enterprise is growing, this has really helped keep the finances straight. Good overall product with good customer support. While I was learning the software, they were very quick to respond. I had vetted 3 or 4 solutions and found this to be the best one.

Jon B.

Maryland, USA

We were looking for commercial property management software and had tried few but it was either too expensive or not adequate for our commercial unit uses. So, we stumbles on Landlordtracks and gave it a try. There are few things that still needs to be address for our use and the customer service representative, Aaron, was wonderful in helping us address all of issues and concern. The most important to us is that they are there and will answer your calls and address your issues and questions. I would highly recommend for anyone who wants to take their system online and make their work more efficient!

Ferron L.

Colorado, USA

This is personally my first experience using a property management software. The customer service team has been absolutely exceptional as far as meeting our companies personal needs/wants to ensure we have the functionality needed to run our business each day. Training's from the customer service team have been most helpful if/when questions should arise. The software itself has been wonderful as far as meeting our organizational needs. From listing each property, photos, and details about each unit.--Definitely a pro when it comes to keeping 200+ properties in order! Excited to learn more about the software and excited to start implementing some of the features that it has to offer, as we grow.

Katie Mendez

Cumming, GA, USA

We were looking for a system that would initially track rents, send rent notices, issue and monitor work orders, and that could be expanded into a full financial reporting system. We created a must have, needs, and wants list. This system met all of the items on that list except for one or two wants that had question marks on if we could make something work. That list plus the cost led to our decision to select Landlord Tracks over other systems. It was a very good decision.

John Spencer

Paris, TN

I'm a new property management company owner in Prescott Ontario, Canada.

Being new to owning my own business (but with over 25 years experience in the industry) I knew what I was looking for in a software package. LandlordTracks offers so many convenient solutions from keeping tenant records to total bookkeeping for yourself and owners. Banking solution within the system is going to be one of my biggest pluses as it will do CDN money where most others won't.

You are assigned an account manager and when you have an issue your support is always that one person, not a handful of who gets you in queue.

Robin S.

Spencerville, Ontario